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We’ve made it our business to understand why people buy stuff from catalogues. A catalogue design needs to work extremely hard.

To engage, inform and motivate. We call it salesmanship in print.

From front to back cover, you have opportunity to make sales at every turn of the page and build customer anticipation of a satisfactory experience.

People have a strong relationship with a good catalogue. It’s a source of inspiration as well as information.

A unique combination of skilled design, attention to detail and great production values elevates a piece of printed collateral to a powerful marketing and sales tool.

Knowing how to achieve that is where our team of creative catalogue designers come in.

Our experienced catalogue designers will create your best catalogue yet. That’s a heck of a claim to make, but 30 years of catalogue design experience will ensure success for you at every stage!

Use your head. Use Grey Matter.

Our investment in leading edge content management software makes catalogue design and production faster and less expensive.

If you’re looking for a new catalogue designer you’re in the right place!

We are creative catalogue designers with a burning desire for our clients’ success.

We’re conscientious. We’re dedicated. And we totally ‘get’ what a catalogue is supposed to do!

Those who come to us do not need just any old catalogue designer. There are enough such catalogue designers around. What our clients need and what we provide is meaningful experience, excellence in creativity and significant expertise as catalogue designers and in the overall production of a hard working catalogue. Something we like to call ‘Salesmanship In Print’.

These are the main reasons for choosing Grey Matter – The Catalogue People as your next catalogue designers.

Not just personality, process or price.

So when you’ve decided to really put the odds in your favour and get a harder working, better looking catalogue at the best possible price, talk to us.

Contact Grey Matter – The Catalogue People – The catalogue designers for your next great catalogue project!