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Web Services Include:

Web Design
Website Development
Content Management Systems
E-Commerce Websites
Sheffield Email Marketing
Sheffield Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Website Hosting Sheffield
Responsive Websites

What We Do

We have expertise and work in four particular platforms; Magento & OpenCart for e-commerce and WordPress & the Chapters CMS for general corporate websites. If you have a specific requirement, you can request an estimate from us for a bespoke solution, should you have a specification or a pretty good idea of what you need.

The Website People are a full service website design company combining technology, marketing expertise, creativity and business understanding to offer a full range of web based business solutions.

Web Design

Website design is a fundamental part of all projects, and an attractive looking website will attract the right customers and encourage them to look at what services you have to offer. Our team of web designers can help you achieve the look you want and need.

Designing a website is the first stage of a project. At this stage, what you see is a visual representation of how the website will look. The aim is to create something that is appealing to the user.

When we design a website, we feel it important to meet a number of criteria, including:

– Clearly showing what your organisation has to offer.
– A clear navigational structure to enable the user to browse the website easily.
– Making sure contact details are clear and visible.
– The text is appealing to the reader.

Our award winning designers will help to set you apart from the competition.


Hosting space is the home where your website lives and gives it the ability to reach hundreds of potential customers worldwide. You can ‘rent’ space from many hosting companies who will charge you for the privilege, which is also what we do.

We can host your website on our reliable servers for a small annual cost, so there is no need for you to worry about where your website will live. We can also set up email addresses for you and your employees.


An accessible website is an important practice to consider when developing any new website so that the website is usable by people of all abilities and disabilities.

An accessible website refers to a website that is designed and developed so that all users have equal access to the information and functionality presented.

When developing an accessible website it is important to consider the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) web accessibility standards.

This is a set of standards that websites are built to in order to ensure that the website is readable by all browsers, screen resolutions and various other software that is used to view a website.

Web Development

Web development is broken down into two main areas, front end development and back end development. The front end of a website is what the end user sees, which includes text, colour, images, structure and layout. The back end of a website is everything you don’t see in a website, which might be connecting to a database to retrieve data or submitting a contact form through a website and passing this information on.

There are three main stages involved in the front end development of a website, and these are briefly outlined below:

– The visual designs are built into working web pages using HTML and CSS.
– The pages are tested in a number of browsers and amended accordingly so that they display correctly in the most popular ones such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
– The code is validated to make sure that it complies with W3C standards.

Once the front end work is complete, we then begin work on the back end of the website. We will design and develop any database structure that might be required and integrate this into the website by building the necessary pages to connect to the data.

We will also build any contact forms or other interactive content into the website to give the user the best possible experience.

Content Management

A regularly updated website is a must for most organisations. Some will need to keep their customers up to date with latest news, others may have special offers that change often. Whatever the content, it needs to be as simple and easy as possible to keep website content up to date.

Grey Matter have a number of CMS solutions available, including our popular software packages Chapters and Chapters Lite that utilise the latest website editing technologies and WordPress which is becoming increasingly more popular.

We pride ourselves on making these systems as easy to use as possible and to enable you to keep your website content up to date whilst on the move.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the fastest and most cost efficient way to market to existing and prospective customers.

Grey Matter can help you to target the right market by designing and building an emailer that is right for you, ready to send out to your customers. We can also take away even more hassle by sending out your emailer on your behalf. You provide us with a mailing list, and we will do the rest!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A well optimised website will rank highly on Google’s search results. For example, if you were selling nuts and bolts in Sheffield, it would be nice if that when a potential customer types ‘nuts and bolts Sheffield’ into a search engine that you would appear on the first page. Our Sheffield based SEO services will help you to stay on top of the search engines.

A website needs to be optimised in certain ways so that search engines can pick up on various text and images in your website that might be suited to specific key words. A search engine will then rank your site based on how relevant the content is in your website. The better your rank, the higher up the search results you will become.

We can also manage pay-per-click campaigns for your website in order to help increase your visibility in the search results more quickly, and target specific ad campaigns to specific products that you are selling.